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Title: * 100 days down, a lifetime of freedom ahead
Post by: AwakenedOne on April 17, 2020, 09:16:43 AM
Well, well, well the big day is here. After 11 years of being a slave to Big Tobacco, I have broken the shackles that bound me in the dungeon of addiction. It started in the summer of 2009 when I was introduced to the nicotine seductress via Camel Snus Mellow. My buddy and I snuck his step-dad’s tin outside and I was stupid/curious as I was 17. Popped a pouch in and the buzz hit me like no other. I had never used drugs or alcohol at that time so it was a new “cool” feeling. I soon moved on from snus to good ol’ Grizzly WIntergreen, to cigs for 2 years, to vaping (with nic), back to Grizzly Wintergreen which is where I was on 1/10/2020 when I had decided enough was finally enough.

Well if I could go back now, I would’ve kicked myself in the nuts and given myself a sobering slap across the face. Because of that one time, a habit was born, then grew an addiction which is now sewn into the fiber of my mind and soul, only to be finished when the last breath is  expelled from my body. But I’ll be damned if I let my two sons grow up watching me kill my self one pinch at a time. Addiction is weakness, and I will not teach my kids to give in (to anything in life) when adversity strikes. A popular quote on this site,”One Problem + Nicotine = 2 Problems,” is for me, the best piece of advice I could have ever heard in regard to nicotine addiction. This quote has stopped the train of thought that leads to caving quite a few times over these past 100 days and the truth behind the formula is so opportune.

While 100 days  is just a number, (I know that I haven’t beaten addiction, nor will I ever) I can confidently say that I have kicked the can, thanks to Kill the Can. Words can’t express how thankful I am that God led me to this site. Numerous times in the past, I have tried to quit, but had only stopped only to restart when adversity, boredom, or a single offered pinch came along. But no more, I am in uncharted territory and plan to stay here forever.

First off, I want to thank Christ Jesus for allowing this SIN to be washed away through his death and transfiguration. Second, I want to thank the Most High God for giving me life, an amazing life, and loving me enough to sacrifice His only son so that I may be redeemed. Big shout-out to @Redwood (;u=14631) who has kept me accountable every single day of my quit. Thanks brother, means the world to me. Additionally, thank you @MuleMan (;u=16417), @Bug Guy (;u=1866), @cruxclimber20 (;u=16482), and @rvwade04 (;u=16615) for keeping me accountable as well, couldn’t have done it without y’all. To the rest of the Kai, keep kicking ass guys.

Special thanks to @Keith0617 (;u=1356) for pointing me in the right direction to post roll (I blindly signed up to KTC just to throw in a quick comment here and there on forums, didn’t know what I was signing up for). Sure am glad that I signed up, I would otherwise be sitting with a lipful of death in my mouth, like a sheep led to the slaughter.

We're all in this for life. NNT NAFAR ODAAT.

-AwakenedOne (Chaston)