Author Topic: How do I get on??  (Read 2583 times)

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How do I get on??
« on: September 25, 2020, 12:44:46 PM »
There's a few reasons your login may not work.

1) you need to check your email and verify your account

2) you've been here before.... but a loooong time ago. We still have your old information, we just need to get things lined up again for you. Visit a Mod or an Admin and we will hook you up. And recover all the old info.

3) your ip has been banned.... it happens. There's a few jackasses out there that won't just let us quit. We ban those people. Occasionally your IP address can get mixed up in the chaos.

Ope Sorry.... let an admin or mod know and we can get you up and running again.

4) you were banned. It takes a special kind of stupid to get banned here. You've got to really be trying. You're either a jerk or you lied on roll. We wish you well on your quit journey, but it will need to happen somewhere else.

Glad to be quit with you today.
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