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* HOF Speech - My Quit
« on: December 28, 2021, 12:12:25 PM »
Guys, I don't know why it's so damned hard to write this. I'm not huge with writing out and sharing experiences like this. But I'm going to give it a go, I'll keep it short.

I have either dipped or smoked (mostly dipped) for the better part of my life. Started early. That part of my story is much like many of your stories. So we'll slide past this and move right on to helpful pointers. Rules to live by if you will, that will help you along the way.

Set alarms to post roll, and take it as seriously as you can. I'll admit I've been spotty a couple of times, but I remember to post first thing in the mornings now. Which leads to the next bit of advice, and it's a big one... If folks are harping on you, and giving you a hard time, DO NOT get defensive. It will do you no good, and you're only selling yourself short. The people here care about you, and your quit. It is taken seriously. We've worked so hard to get here. If you can do just these two things, and be true and honest with yourself about wanting to be rid of that shit you'll likely succeed. If you enjoy making excuses, you won't. It's really that simple. Accountability. Trust. Acceptance. All of those things you can build here.

I want to thank everyone in my group, and all of the long term quitters that came in and posted roll with us every day. This group made quitting so much easier than it would have been otherwise. I will be forever in everyone's debt for that. It is genuinely a lifesaver.

Don't ever give up. You're worth more than paying to poison yourself. Stay strong and stay accountable. Before you know it, it will simply become a part of your past. A ghost. Life on the other side is amazing. I'll never go back to this garbage again. Congrats to those that came here and quit before me, and congrats to all of you who are going to find a home here and quit after me. I love y'all!
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