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* Consistent Effort Wins You The Game
« on: January 17, 2022, 08:23:59 AM »
100 days ago, I decided to try to take my attempt at quitting dip to the next level by joining KTC. I joined the website forum at first, and posted on the forums for a few days until I already forgot my password and had to ask Chewie to get me back in. While resetting my password, he also suggested I join the discord group.

I was slightly reluctant to add this new social media app to my phone, but I just said ‘eff it’ and jumped on in. Those first several days I was on my phone on the discord ALL the time, not getting anything done at work because I had the attention span of a gnat. But it helped keep my mind focused on what the most important task at hand was at the time - quitting. Little did I know that taking this small extra step was going to be the difference in what has allowed me to launch a successful quit. I’m not done quitting, I am still working on that every day, but it has gotten so much better.

I am a former athlete, so I often draw parallels to my past experiences that shaped me to who I am today. The way I am looking at this is that the first 100 days is like training camp for the upcoming season of life. Training camp sucks, but it is a hard and fast way to prepare yourself mentally and physically for what’s to come. After training camp is over you go on to fight game by game week to week. But just because training camp is over, it does not mean you no longer need to go to practice between those games. Success requires consistent effort, and if you want to win the games, you have to go to practice every day so you are as prepared as you can be for when game time comes. Going to KTC and posting roll is my practice so when game time comes and the nic bitch wants to try to challenge me, I am prepared to kick its ass. As I write this, I am ecstatic that I have gotten through this training camp, but looking forward to strapping it up and knocking the opponent's head off week 1.

Thank you to KTC and all its badass users. I wouldn’t have made it through the first 100 days without you. To any newbies, you can do this! Put in the effort and hard work now and every day and you will be able to enjoy the fruits of your efforts with loads of success in the future.
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