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Eternal Write Up
« on: September 19, 2018, 04:09:13 PM »

Quit date:  11-Feb-2015
Eternal quit date:  29-Jan-2018

In memory of a beloved Kill the Can Family member we celebrate the life of Teray.

Teray left his mark here at KTC and by doing so, he left a lasting impression on many of us here.  For most of us, we could always count on seeing his name in the support line.  When Teray first came to KTC, he didn’t post a whole lot and at one point even said he may miss a few days.  As time went by (and he got the hang of posting) he became a driving force in not only his quit, but others around him.  It was apparent by how many people he supported. 

One of the most memorable things is back when he first became a member of the May FN’ Misfits of 2015, is when he was first learning how to post roll.  You see, Teray was not that computer savvy and when he would post, his computer would auto-correct his name to Terry and he thought someone was screwing with his post and he got angry and.. Well, why don’t you just look for yourself and catch a glimpse of a classic Teray-Tirade in action

This is my last post here.  Maybe the asshole that keeps changing my post from Teray to Terry will post from now on.
I read that a members post was not to be mess with.  Well that it not the case.
Good bye.
Kremerica:  Hey dumbass, if your posting on your phone it is your auto correct that is changing it. I looked back and it says "terry" right away on your roll post!

 Don't tell us your not posting anymore due to this when its your own fuck up. Autocorrect is a bitch, next time proofread before posting

Rant over
^^^^^haha. Please tell me this is a serious exchange. Classic.

WoodyTX had this to say about Teray:  “I remember a phase where I was really struggling with morning roll, Teray must have dragged me on there 15 or 20 times but always with a positive message, asking me how my day was going and did I need help with roll, that kind of thing. He could be feisty too, pretty good takedown of that egomaniac Big Kahuna, must be somewhere in his old posts.”

CANDOIT brought up just how quit Teray was: “Teray was a quitter that stayed quit til the end. I know when he was first diagnosed he went out and bought an Infiniti with the money he saved from quitting. He continually paid it forward, until the end, leaving those TRex tracks all over the site.”

JOHNSMALLBERRIES summed it up by saying:  “Regardless, seeing his name always made me feel proud...happy...humbled. Teray was that quitter that led by quiet example...a cash money millionaire classy OG.  I definitely miss him.”

Teray is that T-REX of happiness that is truly missed.  He came to KTC quit and he is forever quit.  Let's keep him in our hearts and minds.  He would be happy to know that his continued support above the line in the FN' Misfits of May 2015 daily roll is still a driving force in all of our daily Quits.

Rest easy Teray.  We miss you.
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