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Eternal Write Up
« on: September 19, 2018, 04:18:36 PM »
Air Force ADDICT

Quit date:  2-Oct-2014
Eternal quit date:  14-June-2018

In memory of a beloved Kill the Can Family member we celebrate the life of Air Force ADDICT:

Air Force ADDICT:
was originally a member of the July Double D Destroyers of 2014.  Randall had caved after being stopped for a long period.  Not only did he take his beatings, but he came back with a new resolve and became a pillar of quit strength in the Jan Shell 2015.  One can only imagine him being out in Edwards Air Force Base sitting up late at night and doing what he usually did.. AFA spent a ton of time in Wildcard with the 1, 2 and 3 word posts.  He knew what it took to keep his mind occupied away from tobacco.

A few of the Shell had some great memories of Randal to share with us:

First of all thanks for putting this together!. As you know Randal was in the Air Force I work in the oil business but it was through KTC that we met. Interesting enough both of us travelled around the world and our paths crossed in the city of Minot North Dakota. Randal was stationed here at one time and I later was transferred here from Texas. He noticed on one of my posts that I lived in Minot, he reached out to me and told me of his stay in North Dakota, he said the people were great but the weather was terrible(cold). Since then we would ping each other occasionally and because of KFC we were able to connect and Randal was one of those guys that once you met it was like you knew him forever and had a friend for life.

I met Randy a couple times when the Air Force sent him up to WA.  ...he was very fit, full of humor & love of life & his beautiful family, and dedication to quit. He seemed like a guy who enjoyed whatever he was doing at that moment, to the fullest.

He told me in detail about when he caved and what a horrible experience that was. I really appreciated his honesty and openness about that, it strengthened my own quit to hear about it. We also met with Scoot 66, who was in his original group before he caved (July '14). They enjoyed meeting each other.

And from M5SHELLY
The main thing I remember is good all-out patriotism. He would write a post before leaving on an assignment for the Air Force, usually stating that he may miss a day or a few days posting, but all proud to be serving his/our country.

BICYCLEPTIC had this to say about Randal:
When I initially joined KTC and quit I didn't know Randy right away. I quickly became one who learned to reach out to other groups and post roll but it wasn't until last February that I got to know Randy. One day I had a PM from Air Force ADDICT and he asked me how I was able to find so much time to post every day. He then proclaimed that he viewed me as a challenge now and somehow, someway he was going to beat me in post counting for a day in the next week. Well, that did not happen that week or the next week but for the longest time Randy kept texting me at least once a week telling me it was going to happen. Then as suddenly as it began it ended. It was several days later that it was posted that he had passed and I was upset I never got to know Randy better. Like others I will always think of him and wonder what did happen to bring such a sudden end to what I learned in a short time was a great person.

Air Force ADDICT:
How in the world do you have over 300+ posts per day? I tell you what, my plan is to beat you at least once this week on posts per day. That isn't a threat but a promise. Just be sure to look at the scoreboard every time you log in and check b/c I'm telling you right now: Records were meant to be broken.

Just one of my numerous PM's from Randy all in fun of course.

Qualities we don't see as often as we used to.

Guys and Gals of KTC, let’s give a big salute to a true Patriot and Quit Brother.  We have lost a great member and he is missed.  May he walk the halls of KTC for eternity.
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