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* Capt Kylos 1.000
« on: October 03, 2013, 10:18:00 PM »
When I look out at the person I was 1041 days ago I don't even recognize who that addict is, that liar, that sycophant to the nic bitch is someone I detest. It seems like a lifetime ago. This place saves lives and it is an amazing gift for nicotine dependent people to have a place to quit and return control of their life. That glimpse of the junkie from the past is also a reminder. He is you. That parasite is still inside you waiting....waiting for nicotine to reactivate it's plan. Your domination and death are all that the bitch will accept. Quit is your shield, your word is your bond.
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Chew is for the weak, the ignorant, the stupid.....don't be stupid. Not stupid as of 11/28/10
Before you cave read this
Acting with almost as much speed as cyanide, nicotine is well
established as one of the most toxic drugs known. In humans,
60mg (a drop) is a lethal dose, and death follows intake within a few minutes. Dr. Charles Ksir

Mouth cancer kills
one American every hour.

Stay's life or death.....
Don't Cave