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* How to get here and what to do next
« on: November 13, 2017, 12:12:00 PM »
First off, I thought I would share an example of How Not To quit on KTC. This was my first, and only post on KTC in January 2012: This is an example of a check in, not posting roll, no commitment at all. I posted this without reading anything on KTC, how to use it, what to expect, etc. To make matters worse, after posting this, I never looked at anything else on KTC, and actually forgot that I even posted that, until July 31st 2017. With not ever looking back, I missed out on the fact that 2 brothers reached out to me via PM within 1 day of me posting that piss poor check-in. I did not see the discussion that followed that post. I did not see the brotherhood and support that was here just to help me quit. I was gone from the site for over 5.5 years. When I came back, I again posted without reading much of anything on the site and looked like an idiot again, you can check out that stupid post here: Its hard to believe that someone that clueless could get to 100 days. The story does get better, so please feel free to keep reading.

What brought me back to KTC? As I mention in the post from General Discussion when I first came back, I started to see KTC ads start popping up in my Facebook feed. The ad that kept popping up was essentially what you find at the beginning of every roll post group: “It’s time to quit. You know it. I know it. You are not here by accident. You have found THE place to get the support you need to kick your addiction to nicotine. We know, because we have walked your path. We are addicts too.” That was what brought me back to KTC. The ass kicking I received in General Discussion in response to my above post was what made me stop and take a moment to reflect. I needed to understand the anger I was feeling towards those who challenged me (thats really what it was, not an ass kicking) to do better this time. The phrase that really turned it around for me can be found in the following from nodipinthislip: Half-assed effort only gives half-assed results. I took the time for the next couple hours to read up on KTC, to try to understand what I had missed before. The brotherhood, and accountability aspect had me intrigued enough to dump all the chew I had bought the day before and QUIT. I posted day one the following afternoon after doing some more reading.

Once I posted that day 1, I committed to posting roll Every Damn Day in my group and I have not missed a day in the last 105. Making that promise is the bulk of what keeps me Quit. You will see it all over KTC: Its easy to quit and its hard to Quit. Alcoholics Anonymous has their 12 step program, but KTC simplified that down to no more than 4, and less if you want to be picky: Make you promise, keep your promise, wake up the next day, do it again. So simple, yet the beginning is so hard. Integrity has been defined as “doing what is right even when no one is looking” that is how KTC works: can you be a man or woman of your word? If you can, you too can be Quit. there are so many thoughts and catch phrases that you will see and hear over and over here on KTC that usually wind up as abbreviations, like ODAATEDD (One Day At A Time Every Damn Day). To me, this is our version of AA again. I never truly understood what it meant when I heard alcoholics talk about “One day at a time” of course you have to live life one day at a time, there is no other option. Once I started reading more here, I realized what it truly means: “Quitting for life is beyond anyone’s control today; but we all have the ability to quit for 24 hours.” Here at KTC, and I personally, we are committed to making that promise daily, as early as possible to do a little CYA. Sorry that is not a standard KTC abbreviation, its a business phrase: Cover Your Ass.” I know that if I made my promise like I have for 105 days, I will not use that day. That early morning promise follows another acronym: WUPPEDD (Wake Up Piss Post Every Damn Day)

Get to know the site, get to know the people on the site. Get involved, read up on your entire month’s postings. Communicate with others here. If you think its a little sketchy or scary to give your number out to strangers, imagine how it feels when one of them says they want to meet up with you as they pass through your home town. Meeting up with ReWire may have completely cemented my personal resolve to be Quit. Make those connections.

I know I am kind of rambling, but my little speech can be summed up in the following advice:

Read up on KTC
Understand the “Welcome ” section: what to expect, etc.(Which I never did originally)
Find your group and post your promise and your Day 1 or whatever day you may have found us
Hold your fellow quitters accountable and expect them to hold you accountable: neither of these can be done without the exchange of contact information
If number 4 seems too scary, remember that that is what we do here at KTC, you came here for help, at least try it out. Whatever you have tried before has not worked or else you would not be here. Give in to the site, Drink the Kool-Ade, plan out your Quit and follow through every day
Write your own Quit story here on KTC, if you spend the time to read up, you will realize that all I have done here is summarized the info available here. I am no different than anyone else quitting here at KTC. I do not have any special secret. I am an addict like you. KTC has helped me to accept that FACT and the FACT that my addiction cannot be cured, only curbed and held at bay as long as I can WUPPEDD.
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