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Title: Thinking of Concharde/Raymond by ChickDip
Post by: chewie on July 13, 2019, 09:03:25 AM
Thinking of Concharde/Raymond. Member of the July 2015 Jackals. This man was an avid outdoorsman. Could sail a Catamaran single handed, flew hot air balloons and hang gliders and was a fair hand on the Trumpet in his youth. He Still continued to garden and camp and was spry and happy until his passing. He will be missed by his wife, children & friends. His support here on the forum was tireless and consistent. He touched many, helped even more. This forum and it’s reason for existing was forefront on his mind and heart every day.
He was a kind man and was taken too early. Enjoying his free life with his family and retirement was sadly cut short.
Celebrate his life and don't mourn his passing. That is a tall order.
Rest easy Concharde.