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Not sure how to post this


you guys are using this forum for its exact intent - you're getting here, talking about your quit, expressing your frustration and most of all.. WINNING!

Make no mistake... there is a war going on in your body and mind right now. A war between what you want (freedom) and the Nic Bitch.

You are NOT alone... keep it up!

I’m with you today man, today was my exact third week mark of quitting and it is the worst day since my quit, all I can think of is how badly I want a chew or a smoke and it’s out of nowhere.

So I stopped chewing like 18 day ago. And I chewed since I was like 17 or 18 years old. I’m now 34. Feel good about myself. I walked down to a convince store and wanted to buy a can of cope long cut. What I use to go to for all those years. I posted in I’m group saying I wouldn’t do it. I really just wanted just one dip. Was hoping some one with a gold van would walk out. I made my self walk back to the hotel I’m staying at. How long do the days last like this from dippers that had a pinch in from the moment they woke up till they tried to fall asleep. I didn’t do it.  I want to be able to pull through and I did. I don’t think I can quit again if I go back. This is a really god place to seek help. And I spread the word as much as a I can.

Keep up the good work guys and don’t feel bad about voicing your frustration at A wall that gives no love back.



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