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Welcome to KTC @btite779.

Your couple posts were scattered throughout the site so I combined them both into your own introduction. This would be a great place to continue to journal your quit journey.

Also, it doesn't look like you've been plugged into a quit group yet. Click on this link to the February 2021 group and post roll. Posting roll is your daily promise to not use nicotine in ANY form for the next 24 hours. We do this every day since the present is all we can control.

We are fighting an addiction here and it appears you recognize that. It's a critical distinction that many don't fully grasp. Make sure you are quitting for yourself too. I hope the withdrawal symptoms subside for you soon.

Now go post roll!

Today is day 3 of really trying to fight the demon of nicotine. Im losiy function in my legs and hips as I withdraw. This is scary but I know it will get better.  Damn you nicotine and the manufacturers but most of all damn myself for turning to this deadly best friend that brings false promises. Love you all thanks for reading!

Hello Everyone, I was running away from so many things that I started with a desire to stop drinking which led me to abstain from one addiction to the next. This is my experience, I had to stop all addictions. I had to stop chewing tobacco. I've been using for 11 years and then as I stopped my other addictions, this one turned into a huge monster that I couldn't even get enough of. Nothing could fulfill my desire, I went from 1 can to 3 cans a day quickly. My life became unmanageable and I am powerless to nicotine. I'm on day 2 of withdrawal. I'm shaking can't think can't hold a pen can't stop the feeling of wanting to puke after puking once. My body was twitching as I was trying to sleep last night. The nightmares are horrific. The brain fog is so difficult to work through. Last night I started to resent the manufacturers of nicotine products. Started to resent makers of alcohol. Then, I started to resent myself for doing this to myself. What had I been running from? What was I looking for? Then, I realized I felt I could never accomplish enough in life so I'd fight throw being tired among other things and kept pushing through. As I go through withdrawal, I am changing my routine as hard as it is as the nicotine craving waves come. I also put my mood in the attitude of gratitude as my body is telling me to resent everything in sight. Long story short, there really is eternal life after spiritual death. I'm seeing the light and thank you all for your posts! I am not alone! I really have given my will over to God and see the miracles that he delivers after the hell the body goes through from withdrawal. Thank you all for giving me hope.


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