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8) Contract To Give Up


Contract To Give UpWhen you’re ready to give up your quit, print, and sign.

The Contract To Give Up
I give up my quit. Quitting is impossible and I cannot do it. I love dipping more than I love myself. I care about dipping more than I care about my personal health. I love dipping more than I love my family. I know this addiction will kill me, and I ACCEPT that fact. I enjoy spending time alone with my can more than I enjoy spending time with anyone else on the planet. I look forward to losing my jaw, my tongue, my throat, my life – it’s worth it. When I am lying in my hospital bed fighting a losing battle against cancer I will feel a sense of satisfaction knowing that this is the path I CHOSE. My only regret will be that I didn’t start dipping earlier in life. I will feel sorrow for my family’s heartbreak and suffer untold pain, but I know you must sacrifice for the things you truly love.

I know ALL the consequences of my actions and I accept them fully and without regret. I hereby choose to give my life to this addiction – I do so with a smile on face.

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Date: ____________________


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