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Re: Quit 3 hours ago
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Its_Got2Happen wrote

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A heavy heart


Aw man.

Love on your friends and family today quitters. Life is precious.
Life is just too short, my prayers go out to all of his loved ones, today my thoughts will be with you.

For those of you not aware, we in July 2013 knew him as WarE2013.
Forever quit.

Prayers to all.
Way to young.  Prayers for family.
With a daughter on the, just wow

KTC family... This brother committed suicide.

That... Is never the answer. There is help. For everything.

Asking for help costs nothing. Don't let it get to this point.
My thoughts are with his families; the one in Little Rock and the one in July 2013. There are some damn good people in the July group - some of my best contacts are in that group. I know you guys must be taking this hard, and I wish you peace.

Godspeed WarE.
OMG.  We can never truly know another person's struggles.  

Thoughts and prayers for this family.
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Quit 3 hours ago "Intro"
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Mike from AB wrote

Prayers sent up.
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