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Re: New guy
« Reply #6 on: October 09, 2019, 09:25:31 PM »
Hi Joe, I’m Michael. Like you, I’m a hard core nicotine addict. I started my addiction like many of us did... young. And it owned me, my life, my time, my freedom, my health, and my wallet for about 25 years. Then, I joined KTC and listened and followed the program here. Following the program here requires taking the first step (which yiu haven’t taken yet) and then being a man of your word. The second part won’t be a problem for you, so let’s focus on the first part.

Posting your promise in your quit group is step one. We quit one day at a time here. We don’t focus on our fuck ups of the past, or what tomorrow may hold. We post our promise for today and we quit today. When things get hard we reach out for help to our brothers and sisters here - there isn’t one thing you are feeling that we haven’t. And by god for today, we keep our word. Tomorrow we post our promise as soon as our eyes open.

There are going to be hard days. Really hard. Remember this... nicotine isn’t and hasn’t done one thing for you in decades. When did you last get that buzz?  20 years?  The only thing nicotine has done is take away the side effects of not having it in your blood. That is jacked, right?

2,482 days ago I joined this place. I haven’t missed posting a day yet, and some brothers from the January Jackwagins of Jan 13 took this hopeless basket case under their wings and showed me that the impossible is possible.

This is your time, brother. Get in your quit group. Post your promise. Lean on us. We win together... alone we fumble. Join us. Win with us. The feeling of freedom, of health, of taking your life back... is indescribable.

My number will be in your inbox. Use it. The Jackeagins taught me and others how to quit, so let’s win together.
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Re: New guy
« Reply #5 on: October 09, 2019, 07:48:06 PM »
Hey Joe, welcome to KTC!  I am one of those former smokers RDB alluded to - so it is an honor to welcome you to the community.  Nicotine is nicotine, my friend, it does not matter one bit what your delivery system is - the same demon is coursing through our veins and brains.

All of us here understand EXACTLY where you are right now.  Exactly.  Well intended as they may be, folks who have never been addicted to nicotine cannot understand what you are going through.  So this is where you need to be.  Read all you can on this site (there is a very good "Facts & Figures" section of the main site that has great information), keep your body nourished and hydrated and just get through each day one day at a time.  It gets easier, I promise. YOU CAN DO THIS. 

I never thought I could quit smoking, and yet here I am on day 1,175.  Free!   

You need to post roll in January 2020.  That is where it starts.  That is key.  Post your name, your day count and your promise >>

And check your pm inbox.

P.S. Lived in Beantown briefly.  One of the coldest winters I ever spent was in Boston in August.   ;D


Just one and you will be back to where you started, and where you started was desperately wishing you were where you are now.
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Re: New guy
« Reply #4 on: October 09, 2019, 07:07:23 PM »
Im attempting to quit smoking cigarettes for the one millionth time.  Im a 47 y.o. male from Boston but living in Va Beach.  I have to break this habit so I can see 57.  I appreciate all the help and support I can get! 

Joe B.

Just to add the already great advise from RDB and net gain,

We do not attempt to quit or try to quit here, to pull a line from Star Wars, "Do or do not, there is no try" ~Yoda

Any previous stoppages are just that, stoppages.  There is only one quit.  So, flush any nicotine products you still have down the the toilet and go post roll in January and get this, your one and only , quit started.

My digits are also available, just ask.

If you want my digits, just ask and they will be yours, but I expect yours in return.

Accountability is a statement of personal promise, both to yourself and to the people around you, to deliver specific defined results.
Brian Dive

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You need anything, ask.  You feel strong, help.  This quit is for you but we got your back.

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Re: New guy
« Reply #3 on: October 09, 2019, 06:49:47 PM »
Im attempting to quit smoking cigarettes for the one millionth time.  Im a 47 y.o. male from Boston but living in Va Beach.  I have to break this habit so I can see 57.  I appreciate all the help and support I can get! 

Joe B.
You got this Joe, I'm also a 47 yr old. It seems there is something about the mid 40's and wanting to live a long healthy life. The first thing we have to change is calling this terrible addiction a habit. Once I realized what I was really dealing with, it made quitting easier. I'm sending you my digits in a pm.
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Re: New guy
« Reply #2 on: October 09, 2019, 06:39:13 PM »

Join your Quit Group here:

Learn to post roll. That’s your promise to remain nicotine free for the day. Make that promise early every day.

One thing you need to realize is that you don’t have a habit. You have an addiction. Biting your fingernails is a habit. You are addicted to a chemical called nicotine, among the most addictive chemicals in the world.

Obviously, most of us here used smokeless tobacco. There are a few former smokers here. We battle the same addiction, and the tactics in quitting are exactly the same: make your promise daily, drink tons of water, physical activity helps, read, read, read this site, exchange digits with quitters in your group, and vets. Mine are a PM away.

Proud to quit with you.

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New guy
« on: October 09, 2019, 05:51:00 PM »
Im attempting to quit smoking cigarettes for the one millionth time.  Im a 47 y.o. male from Boston but living in Va Beach.  I have to break this habit so I can see 57.  I appreciate all the help and support I can get! 

Joe B.